Image by Jonatan Pie


S T E P H A N I E 


Qualified life coach, NLP practitioner, award-winning makeup artist, author of three books, artist and muralist, graphic designer, reiki practitioner and general creative.

I'm Steph, and I offer people the opportunity to heal and grow through a range of wellness modalities, focused on Hauora. 

Coming from a 10+ year corporate and mostly local government background, as well as holding qualifications in Business Management, Human Resource Management,, Tikanga Maori and Mana Ora, I embrace balance in both the structure and flow; the analytical and creative aspects of being human. I promote balance of the heart, neurology, mind and body and the prioritization of wellness to be confident, uniquely us, and feeling whole. 

I coach people one on one to work through barriers of emotional, spiritual and mental wellness, either through speaking directly using tools and techniques (alchemy) or taking people into natural spaces, like the bush or a forest reserve, to facilitate the process of letting go, belief change, empowering, and connection (within and with the natural world.)


I am also an abstract artist, having recently held an art exhibition called 'Creatrix', as well as completing eleven murals in the Invercargill Inner CBD. I offer abstract art workshops throughout the year in groups and at retreats, to teach self-expression, play, creativity, the inner child, and the unconscious self. This helps people to let go, embrace trust, stop 'fixing', and tendencies of perfectionism - coming into emotional freedom and trust of life.


I'm very passionate about what I do, and my life has improved tremendously through these practices, and it has been a privilege to watch my clients grow immensely as they have found confidence, courage, inner wisdom, empowerment, clarity and direction.



My mission is:

  • to serve humanity and bring people back to what is true. through the genius re-connection with self

  • to promote health, wellness, womanhood, growth and life

  • to be a leader in the field of sacred wellness

  • to embody all that I teach

  • to be a safe place for people to learn, transform and grow

  • to prioritize healing and happiness

  • to promote human-nature connection and to raise awareness for the care and connection to Mother Earth

W H A T   I   D O

I help people to shine so they can lead happy, inspired, full of love, and passionate lives.

I support in clearing the clutter and chaos, to become aligned and on track.

I support people in embracing who they are, so they can live confidently, in love, and free.

I help people to see their gifts and talents, so they don't constantly wonder 'what is special about them.

I work with energy, alchemically, to transform energy.


I help people to realize their magic and apply it in a way that only they can, so they can thrive in business and communication.

I help people stick to their fitness goals, or create body acceptance, so they finally love what they see in the mirror.

I show a mirror of genuine truth so that others may see the truth within themselves.


  • To always embody what I teach

  • To never stop learning, being coached and supported to be my own best self

  • To seek answers and clarity on things that I don't yet know

  • To stay in my integrity

  • To stay true to myself