A call to the wild ones

You've been feeling the struggle of not aligning with this current world and paradigm. There are things that don't 'fit'. You align with an idea, only to feel that it no longer aligns a day or a week later. What is that?

You've noticed that you're evolving quickly; being drawn to a book in one moment, only to find you've downloaded everything you need and no longer need to read it. You feel drawn to coaching programmes, only to find that you've evolved well and far beyond what they can teach.

Who are you? Some kind of magical wizard?

You find the article you need, only to read the first line and find yourself having a complete understanding of all you need to know. How do you do that?

You see through illusions and falsehood and barriers like there's no tomorrow. And nah, you don't even need a coach or mentor to lead a way. There is no 'way'. You know how multi-faceted you are. You know the way is within. You already know the power of stillness and integrity and trust. You don't need someone to hold your hand.

You don't need some big list or conquest to prove to yourself you're worthy. You're above that.

Woman, you've been leading yourself your whole. Damn. Life.

You've already alchemised your wounds and found your heart in the darkness like a fucking Warrior.

Now, you feel the gap. The unknown. The not sure what's next. The not quite fitting into this oddball world.

You do not need someone to analyze you. You need someone to holy appreciate you.

You've already traveled and done the things but you don't want to settle.

You have a strong sense of who you are but your purpose is flickering, like a candle but also like a lion's s roar, raging a goddam fire.

You know magic. You know the brain. You know the heart. You know thyself. You know your masculine and your feminine. You know.

= welcome to the enjoyment phase.

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