Affirmations for Divine Alignment

Mother Wounding is an accumulation of the ways we have learned to treat ourselves by seeing ourselves as less than precious, sacred and important.

We have learned to de-value ourselves and our worth, sabotage ourselves, and stay small in order to avoid offending other women, our mothers, and feminine figures.

In order to rise into your greatness, you must rise and not feel guilty or ashamed for wanting to be a powerful and magnificent person. That is your birthright.

To align with your divine blueprint, you come into your own sovereign powerful essence, although you are always learning, divine, growing and evolving; despite your wounding and past experiences.

Aligning with your true nature and essence, will help you develop more of who you truly are.

Some affirmations to stay in alignment:

- I am safe where I am

- I am aligned with my highest self

- I am safe to shine

- I am growing exactly as I should be

- Who I am is enough, and what I offer is enough

Practice saying these to yourself for 21 days and allow your soft, feminine, true nature - to shine.


Steph x

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