Being a trigger and not being liked

That's the thing about being on this path and doing this type of work: it's going to piss a lot of people off. You are a mirror of truth that shows others all of the ways they betray themselves, run from who they are, avoid the truth within themselves, avoid the growth and wisdom. To go into these cracks is too painful, and they may turn around and despise you, throw hate and negativity at you, tell themselves a million excuses, but you will always stand strong as the pure and clean mirror that you are - and others will soon realize it was always the issue they had with themselves. The issue is never with you, when you are living from integrity and truth.

Your medicine is not meant for everyone - and this is a good thing. But your medicine is you. You are a truth pill only some are able to swallow. Don't dim your light to be comfortable to those who aren't willing to do the work. This cracking open allows the light to flow through.

Be just who you are.

It's odd when:

A) You are unsure if someone likes you. Your behavior and energy is different


B) When you know someone doesn't like you. You know so you can be more of yourself.

It's the in between that feels uncomfortable - the not knowing. That's the place we must own, feel comfortable in, and invite for a cup of tea. That's the place where we must ask ourselves 'Do I really like myself?' - And your answer is the only one that truly matters.

All my love,


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