Being your best; a paradigm shift

What does it say about the person I am if I allow myself to feel threatened by someone else?

Let's begin to shift from the paradigm of 'wanting to be the best' to the paradigm of 'being my own best'.

Wanting to be the best implies that: 1. You aren't currently your best, and 2. That you need to overcome someone or something in order to get to the place within your mind that you've really only created for yourself [or from other's ideas] of being 'THE best' 3. That there is a lack in who you currently are

Being YOUR best implies that: 1. You are doing your own personal current best 2. There is no self hatred 3. There is room for self acceptance 4. You aren't in competition with anyone

Begin to use this affirmation: "I am not in competition with anyone. I am in a league of my own."

When other people judge you, criticize you and/or patronize you: 1. Know it is only a reflection of them and how they feel about themselves 2. There is a gift if you look a little bit deeper into how you criticize your own being 3. Think 'thank you', let the thought go, and continue being great 4. Don't let someone else's insecurities bring you down BECAUSE of tall poppy syndrome, a trauma response to staying small or inconvenient, or because of worries of making others feel inadequate. Don't make yourself look less prettier because you don't want to intimidate other women. Don't think of yourself as less prettier because of another woman. Don't hold back on speaking your truth. Don't allow self-doubt tell you that you sit on a scale or spectrum between 1 to 10. 5. You are a child of the universe. You are one with nature. You are made of stars. Nothing and nobody can come in between you, and you. You are loved.

When you feel psychically attacked or someone constantly thinking about you and draining your energy, or doing things to constantly get your attention:

>>>>> When this happens, stay in your own E N E R G Y.

Stay in your body. Feel the boundary of where your energy field stops, and do not extend it to someone or something that isn't in your highest best.

Other people project things onto you, these are not your nuggets. These are not your issues to solve. These are not your problems to fix.

When you become more of a powerful and private person, people want your energy more. In relationships, friendships. Unfortunately, this includes the good AND the bad.

When you focus on you and your goals and dreams, it will threaten other people. It's a direct punch in the face for them because they want you to stay small. It imposes a direct threat on their decision to stay small. Some people don't want to grow. Some people don't want YOU to grow.

But darling, keep dreaming big.

Because the world needs your wild.

You have big things, beautiful things, bright things, vivid things; bold things, that are needed in the world, right now.

"Don't look back. You aren't going that way."

With every small step you take in the direction of your highest life, your highest dreams, your purpose, your light, your love: A little bit more is released into the world. A little bit more inspiration arises. A little bit more of an example is exuded. A little bit more love is created.

So keep doing good, shed the shit, release the doubt, and keep going.

You got this. Steph x

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