If anyone criticizes you for the choices you make, the job you choose, the person you choose to be with, the truth you speak, your decision to help other people and stepping out and shining on social media:

1. Do you criticize others for the job they choose, the choices they make, their decision to help others, their choice in speaking their truth, and deciding to shine?

If no: see below. If yes: what does criticizing other people give you? Use this moment to get honest and think about how this serves your life.

2. Do you criticize yourself at times for the job you choose, the choices you make, your decision to help others, the way you speak your truth, and for shining?

If no: amazing! If yes: that is okay and it is safe to feel solid in your job, choices and truth - despite the inner niggle.

The root of your inner criticism is firstly living and breeding healthily inside you, being fed and watered. Secondly, you are allowing the voice of others to overrule your personal power. Where is YOUR voice of truth? And what would happen if you watered a different belief?

1.1 Your inner voice of criticism was formed in childhood from early painful experiences. It's rooted in 'right or wrong', being 'good or bad', is fear-based and stems from discipline. You likely have high standards for yourself, achingly high expectations, and nothing is ever good enough. (Because you are never good enough.) You feel like a failure, can never do anything right, never feel smart enough or beautiful enough or chosen.

1.1.1 When you shift from giving yourself negative putdowns, to a new voice of encouragement, things start to change. You rewire the maladaptive neuronets in your neurology. Every time you look in the mirror, make a mistake, don't like how something turns out - FLIP the switch to a positive, affirming statement > instead of your "natural" reaction to put down, fix or change. (It's hard and it takes time and we fall back, but being committed to being kind to ourselves is such a worthy pursuit.)

2.2 Do not surround yourself with people who want to tear you down, speak about you behind your back, or pull your work to shreds. True friends and supporters want you to do well and succeed, just as you want the whole world to succeed. They aren't watching and waiting for you to fail. People who wait for you to fail need to be left behind. They have no space in the paradigm where you are going. Give them and yourself love, and remind yourself that you're a kind person and you deserve kindness in return.

2.2.2 We can all shine.

2.2.3 Putting others down to lift yourself up is no longer cool.

2.2.4 Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel better, compliment others on having good qualities, and compliment yourself for your good qualities. We are all in this together and we all feel the same fears, insecurities, inadequacies at some point or another.

2.2.5 Take this moment to give yourself a hug, say something nice and appreciate this wisdom.

2.2.6 You are an adult woman (or man), please be kind to other adult women.

Spots are open now for coaching support through all of the above. You deserve support, you deserve to feel well and happy, and you deserve kindness.

Namaste Steph

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