Dealing with difficult moments

The difficult moments: the ones that come and feel like a big, hard, difficult slog.

The ones that feel dense and heavy, and just generally annoying.

The moments that take all of your focus, all of your body, all of your attention.

It's being fully consumed by the big, deep, hard heavy breaths.

Those moments, if felt authentically, if space is made for the heart - creates little openings.

When the heart comes into play, when it's really felt, it gives just a little bit of softness to the hardness we are experiencing.

The moments want to take us into our fears, into our shame, into negative downward spirals and stories, into the things we assume that may not be true.

Feeling threatened, feeling on edge, the "what does this mean now", the "what does this mean about me?", the "stand up for myself and in my power" versus self-blame, or perhaps I did do something wrong - Did I do something wrong?

All of it.

Difficult moments bring up all of it.

But the gold, is knowing - that you can also clear through all of it.

All of the distortion.

The difficulty is processing through you. It is not you.

Take a cup of self-love and remember this is temporary.

This moment is not forever.

This moment is leading to the next.

How can you show up in your best and highest in this moment?

What is the BEST thing you can do in this moment, that will lead to the next best moment?

How much of your heart do you need to peek through, to allow this new embodiment?

It's difficult - but how do you want to feel?

Feel the feelings, but decide: happy, joy, loved, wanted, worthy.

Happy, joy, loved, wanted, worthy.






You are happy, joyful, loved, wanted and worthy.

How does that feel now?

A little less bad?


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