Developing as an artist

When I look back at the art I was creating a year ago, I notice so much naivety and innocence. At the time, it was my normal, authentic expression. I find this really interesting because it reminds me of when we look back at pictures of ourselves from a year ago - we also look 'younger', knowing so much less about the world.

I think it's important to take a step back and observe how far we have come; not just as artists but as individuals. I think it's also really important to not give up on our own creative process. We are always changing, growing and evolving: and the more we apply ourselves in our own unique way, the more our own process is refined and deepened.

When I truly look back at my creations a year ago, I notice so much emotion and so much of myself being 'on the surface'. At the time, I thought I was deep. I didn't even know deep.

And, sometimes, being 'deep' is a willingness to sit with things when we don't like them, when we don't like the result or what we are seeing. Sometimes spending hours working with a creation, not 'fixing', but being open to where the journey takes you, can teach you a lot about yourself and about life.

I am always so blown away at how art and life correlate and teach me some of my greatest lessons.

I find it so fascinating that we can see so much about ourselves through art, and how everything is revealed, always in front of us, but our perspective and awareness has to grow to be able to comprehend it more, and understand it in a new way.

When I look at the art that I am creating today, there is so much depth - a willingness to be fully surrendered and encapsulated and within; totally and wholeheartedly immersed in the darkness and unknown.

There is also acceptance in the mystery: a willingness to 'let be', not define, not understand, not make meaning of, and not comprehend - which I feel, is an important part of the process.

So, whilst we observe and take notice of, we also don't label - because we truly understand more about life and it's complexities and unknowns.

And in acknowledging the unknown, we make more room for ourselves - for the unknown in us.

For the brave little parts of ourselves to have enough space. Enough space for the seedling leaves to reach the light.

And here I fully understand that creation and art, are not seeded in light. They are seeded, just like plants are - in the darkness, in the dirt - in a place that is far away but also really close to our hearts.

Submerged. Until the electrical currents move down our arms and we find ourselves expressing something into the physical world.

Oh, how I adore learning about the creative process and about life.

Until next time,

Steph x

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