How I became a Life Coach

I was sitting at my desk in my office about five years ago, realising that everything that I thought was 'success' within my life, was merely an illusion. This is how my second book started, as I sat there contemplating what success really meant.

I quit and took a role in Human Resources, which is what I studied when I left school.

I worked myself to the bone, and I didn't align ethically with the company which was a huge no-no for me, realising that life didn't work when I went against myself and didn't stay aligned to who I really am. I eventually got Glandular Fever, not being able to leave my bedside. I was alone and sick at my home in Riverton, and eventually worked up the energy to drive to my parents house 30 minutes away. As there were guests staying at the time, my lovely mother blew up an airbed and plonked me right in the center of the lounge for about a week. I had a horrible boss at the time, who asked me everyday to come into work, despite not being able to even eat. I had a lot of pressure and stress.

I got to my end. I had more than enough.

I'd already had a 10 day trip to New Caledonia booked, and in my weak state, I decided to still go.

My flight landed in Auckland an hour late, which meant I was too late to get on my connecting flight. Air New Zealand was pretty amazing; they put me up at the Novotel and gave me breakfast, lunch and dinner vouchers, until my next flight later the following day.

I chilled and rested and drank the turmeric smoothies, ordered room service and plonked my butt in the big bubble bath, reading the Magdalene Manuscript at the time.

I was resting and healing, and I spent the next week beachside in Noumea, immersing myself in self-acceptance.

I came home and stayed in that job for another three months.

I was pretty much dead inside.

I ended up renting out my house and bought a one way ticket to South America.

I traveled from Argentina to Chile, to Bolivia through to Peru.

The pain in my lower back that had been there for so long had disappeared, and I felt like myself again.

I was reading 'The lost art of heart navigation' which spoke about shamanism and heart energy. There was a particular section in the book about asking spirit guides to find information for you.

And coincidentally, I decided to partake in an ayahuasca ceremony whilst in Peru. I didn't want to experience a 'touristy ceremony' and my tour guide at the time was able to organize a whole ceremony purely for me. He'd never done aya before either, and he ended up coming with me to ensure I was safe. He did the ceremony with me, and just like the book spoke about 'spirit guides getting information' - my literal tour guide ended up getting me a lot of information for the bigger questions in life I had always pondered. It was a beautiful experience whilst having drums and flutes playing music for us for about 8 hours straight.

I felt humbled and privileged to be able to have running water at home in New Zealand, let alone a toilet, a hot shower, WIFI, the ability to get in my car and drive anywhere I wanted.

I was walking down the streets in Cusco and a stranger handed me a copy of the Bhagavad Gita; but I couldn't accept it as it was in Spanish. Later that evening at the book exchange at my hostel, I closed my eyes and put my finger out, and when I opened my eyes I was touching an English version of the Bhagavad Gita.

I made it to Machu Picchu; a dream come true.

I came home to New Zealand and took another job.

Having had enough again, I chose myself. I chose what I really loved; painting, creating and learning. I'd wanted to become a Life Coach since I was 18, but didn't for the fear that nobody would take me seriously as I would have been so young. Thankfully, at age 28, I made that happen. I had people laughing at me telling me I was stupid. But I chose not to listen - because I knew that it was something I had to do.

I sold my house.

I quit my job.

I did the course.

And here I am.

I don't want to wait another 10 years to achieve the next thing that I'm passionate about. It's scary posting on social media but I can't allow myself to go back because I know my message is far too important and I know my purpose is greater than what life has always told me I was capable of.

And I know that same fire is inside you too.

And I'm here now.

And we never really know the things people have to go through to get where they are. There are so many things behind the scenes; tears, challenges, heartbreaks, life and lessons. We can't compare ourselves and our lives to others. We are all always just doing the best we can.

And there's nothing wrong with working for others, and there's nothing wrong with working for yourself. We learn so much about ourselves by going through experiences. We go through life and refine and become stronger and wiser and more beautiful versions of ourselves.

We look back at those moments in life where things were unknown and didn't make sense, but our eagerness and purity in wanting to figure it out and keep going are probably the biggest character making moments.

And nothing is ever wasted or lost.

Stay wild,

Steph x

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