Human-Nature Connection

Humans were never meant to be separate from nature. Humans are already a part of nature.

Trying to ;prove' that nature has a positive impact on our mental health - is making humans and the natural world separate from each other, when that has never been the case. It has always been good for our mental health because we have always been part of it - for thousands of years. It is only in the recent age of civilization, has land been stripped for resources, farming and mining. How paradoxical that science is trying to prove something that is innate within us, as the earth is declining for human profit. Our mental health and emotions 'improve' in nature, because it is our most natural place - where we are the most connected, because we are also nature. It is also within us, a reflection of us, we are one with it and it is one with us.

We were never meant to be separated from nature. If you are connected to self, you are nature.

When we go into natural spaces, we already know what to do. Our bodies are biologically wired to co-exist, there is no 'grounding' required. Just presence, openness, willingness to sit and be. Being in a house on a road surrounded by houses will of course, disconnect one from nature, and disconnect a woman from menstruating with the moon cycles, and all rhythms and flow of natural life. Just as deciduous trees lose their leaves, we too lose our leaves as we go through our 'inner winter', so too, do we experience our own birth and rebirth and growth.

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