INCREDIBLE HUMANS SERIES: Celebrating incredible people within our community. Introducing Dan from Active Hearts Foundation, an avid surfer, a lover of good music and an inspirational soul doing incredible work worldwide. Check this cool cat out!

1. Tell me about what you do Kia ora Namaste I am Dan Keys. I am the founder of The Active Hearts Foundation. Our mission is to facilitate projects in Nepal prioritizing community, health, and education outcomes for children. I am also an international guide for Active Adventures. I created the Active Himalayan branch of the company and have been the senior Nepal and Bhutan guide ever since. Active Hearts was formed to build school libraries in the remote villages of our local guides and porters and to assist with other small community projects. We have since grown outside of our local guide’s villages and are now operating in 10 areas.

2. And why do you love it? To be of service enriches my life beyond any selfish pursuits I've had. I learnt this from the Nepalese. They are wonderfully humble and caring folk who constantly make experiences magic by sharing their homes, culture and friendship. I love to be a part of the communities and share in their celebrations of life.

3. Why is it important to you? I believe the children are our worlds greatest resource. My connection to the villages we work in is deeply personal. Many of the students using the Active Hearts facilitates are children of friends who consider me as family. I believe we need to provide the best tools, encouragement and support for our children. They will face challenges yet unknown to us and I think education is key to quality of life.

4. What positive difference are you making? The main beneficiaries of anything Active Hearts does is the children. Whether we are building a school library, suppling pre/post-natal equipment for a medical clinic or working on a new irrigation system. The point of the project is to better the health and education outcomes of the children. We now have 5 libraries run by trained librarians. We have irrigation projects in the villages and support 5 orphanages for disabled children in Kathmandu.

5. How do you get through the struggles that arise? The challenges during my years in Nepal have been immense, however so has the personal growth. It has taken time to learn to balance between the joy and light and the massive amount of hardship and sadness I see. The 2015 earthquakes that killed over 9000 was a major event that changed all of us. My core circle is very close. With the support of family and friends and consciously working on my own self awareness journey the tough times do not feel so heavy.

6. Do you have a quote you love or any words of wisdom? 'If you think you are to small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito' His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

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