1. Tell me about what you do I travel Aotearoa creating spaces that assist in the evolution of consciousness on earth

2. And why do you love it? I love it because I am embodying my most authentic truth

3. Why is it important to you? It is important to me because I would be living a lie if I wasn’t embodying my truth

4. What positive difference are you making? I am trying to make choices that best nourish my sacred biological temple ( body ) in order to transmit a strong message I need a strong antenna

5. How do you get through the struggles that arise? I reflect on where I went wrong and pre meditate alternative solutions just in case the challenge arrives again

6. Do you have a quote you love or any words of wisdom? Everything is going to be ok

Creating Space is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together to celebrate life, spirituality and being human - co-creating safe and sacred spaces that are inclusive and non-judgemental.

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