INCREDIBLE HUMANS, celebrating incredible people in our community. Introducing James, a multifaceted, heart-centered, grounded and integral human with a huge toolbelt of skills and knowledge.

1. Tell me about what you do I build healthy homes and teach yoga. I manufacture Structural Insulated Panels which provide a very warm, moisture free environment for your home.

2. And why do you love it? I love to see all things evolve. I get to engage with and meet the most incredible people on a daily basis.

3. Why is it important to you? It gives me a sense of well being, it constantly challenges and inspires me. I want to leave this earth leaving the right footprints. I strive to facilitate change.

4. What positive difference are you making? I like to think helping improve the wellbeing of others.

5. How do you get through the struggles that arise? I jump on my yoga mat which is my anchor. Yoga helps me to quieten the noise and see things for what they really are.

6. Do you have a quote you love or any words of wisdom? The Universe has your back

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