It's those little moments

It's those little moments, you know, the ones that come and almost feel like every moment in the last year finally make sense. The ones that show you it was never about creating any successful result in the physical, but the change was all happening inside you - you just couldn't see it yet.

It's those moments, the ones that happen in the mundane and ordinary, when you're walking on the treadmill or preparing vegetables - it never happens in a glamorous way, nor as you would expect.

It's in those little moments where we crinkle our faces in appreciation, that we made it here - when we thought we wouldn't. When we walked aimlessly into directions, trying, exhausting, doing anything and everything we could to understand and make things clear.

But it's never clear. The path is never straight.

But the softening, is both the ending and the next beginning. The melting, is the rest and the rise. The letting go, is the moment the smile comes, and you see that everything -

everything was always conspiring for you, in your best and highest good.


The heart opens just a tiny bit more, and our softer selves might just allow it.

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