Mural for Hot Yoga, Invercargill

I felt extremely blessed to have been asked to create a piece of art for Hot Yoga here in Invercargill.

I have found that my creative process works best when I'm clear on the structure (the masculine energy leading). This is the plan. The boundary. The request.

From this space, I like to do a little bit of 'letting go' (inviting my feminine self to dream, wonder, envision).

This means I don't put pressure on myself to come up with anything.

I use my intuitive visions which come as flashes of lightning. For this particular project, it was orange and red in a marbled watercolour effect. I took note of this, and continued to go about my day. I saw the flower of life being really important too, trusting that these insights were coming through for a reason and fitted the right energy for the space.

I then saw a person standing in tree pose. I noted this, and continued about my day.

I find that the bigger picture comes together when I visit my local Resene; and take a squizz at all of the colourful testpots. The crew at Resene are the BEST. They are always so helpful and kind and I love going in there.

The creation turned out pretty well, considering I didn't have any external inspiration or photos to use for a guideline.

The lotus was the last part that was added; as well as the mandala dots. I love the illusion of the person standing in tree pose, but it also looks a little bit like the persons legs are crossed.

The lotus represents enlightenment and transformation. "In many cultures the lotus represents purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth."

The diamond represents clarity and purity. "The diamond is LIGHT, life, the SUN; it is an emblem of purity and perfection, of invincible spiritual power."

The flower of life represents creation. "The Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. ... The Flower of Life symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: we're all built from the same blueprint."

Tree pose itself is known as a very grounding pose within yoga. "In Tree Pose, your body may sway, like a tree does in the wind, but your foot stays rooted into the ground. This freedom for your body to move and find its balance while you envision being rooted in the ground develops your spiritual acceptance of your body's position in space."

And of course the dribbles: representing emotions, the womb, the sea, the tears, the release, the sacredness of our feelings.

Viola! Creation complete.

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