Reclamation and Authenticity

Reclamation is riding your own waves, creating your own dance, singing from your own lungs. It's sharing what comes from you. You are uniquely qualified to be yourself.

Nobody else can do what you do.

You were born to be the exact combination of stardust that you are.

Follow you, instead of what you 'think' you should do, or what someone else tells you to do. It's your heart. It's your womb. It's your body. It's your life. It's your creativity created by you, not from something you've seen, or what you've been taught.

What comes from you? How can you do it in a way that only you can?

What art is bursting to come through that only you can do? What dreams do you have that have been seeded in your heart? And whose voice is the one that tells you that you can't?

Do things in the way, only you can, so that in a years time, you're in a much better position than where you are today, because you followed your own voice, instead of someone else's.

Don't even follow mine

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