Sacred Feminine Archetypes

There are a long list of archetypes that a woman can embody.

The ones I closely most resonate with are:

- Wild Women

- Wise Women

- Priestess

- Creatrix

- Goddess

- Queen

Of course, there are levels to each of these, as we are able to hold more of that specific energy within the body. We each have access to all of these. The above are the archetypes I have developed more deeply.

Others include:

- Prophetess

- Medicine Women

- Enchantress

- Healer

- Warrioress

- Huntress

- Wise Women

And of course - There is Mother, Maiden and Crone - the triple Goddess - the three archetypes of womanhood.

As well as many others - AS well as masculine archetypes, which we can and will embody also.

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