Sacred Rage

You heard that correctly. I learned recently that a women's rage and anger, is a direct portal to her inner power. It made me reflect on my own fuming anger that has been coming up most of this year.

I also learned that coming into your 'rage' and 'anger' within, is a level of initiation that a woman reaches within herself, usually when most of the wounding is cleared away and the healing and integration has already taken place. This typically takes a few years. It is a process of the psyche, a navigation of deeper waters.

Letting it boil and toil and coil and curl - are all signs that you're exactly where you are supposed to be, and you're feeling exactly what you are supposed to be feeling.

The nice girl no longer exists. The kind woman in her discernment is being birthed. You are learning about yourself in a completely different way.

You are learning to navigate the darkness. You are learning to conquer a big, deep, heart wrenching and gritty emotion that is extremely powerful.

The bigger the feeling = the bigger the alchemy = the bigger the transformation.

The bigger the violation of boundaries = the bigger the accumulation and collection of self-worth as a result of your weary teary rage. The bigger the push and prod = the larger the reaction.

The kinder the woman after this process is a correlation to her heart and to her willingness to return to love.

If you are being pushed and triggered and poked more than ever before, keep going. There are gold nuggets alchemizing and oozing from your bones. It is your sacred rage.

It won't make sense until it starts to make sense.

You are not terrible or wrong or dirty or unworthy. You are the worthiest.

All with love

SM x

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