Safety in being 'The One'

Here is a big subject that I've been processing and integrating over months and months of coffee, deep thinking, and contemplation.

I've been working with and exalting the affirmation 'I am the one and the only one' - and I've been feeling it in my gut really deeply as I've been doing this.

Firstly, it has made me aware that we shift and change ourselves to accommodate other people.

Secondly, it has made me realise that I have been trying to accommodate myself towards the needs of what I think others want - and this in itself, is a huge assumption.

And that's just it - it's an assumption. It plays out on what I 'think' will happen - what I 'expect' and 'believe' - because I'm creating the whole thing.

BUT - I have come to realise there is so much safety in knowing this. I am SO safe to know and trust in this affirmation, that I am the one and the only one. I am the one deciding for my life, I am the one choosing and showing up and giving my heart and soul to what I decide. It is not an assumption. I am creating all of this, all of my external reality, my entire mirror.

And my confidence and esteem has grown massively because of releasing this insecurity around what I think others want, and what I have to be.

But there's all levels to this growth and learning. It's a continual deepening and relationship we are always having with ourselves. It's always another layer - and then a release - and then a becoming - and then another layer - and another.

And now I feel safe and free to own what I want - and it feels really, really good.

And I know nothing can happen unless I allow it. Nothing can happen unless I give it my full yes.

This sovereignty is awesome.

So much love,

Steph x

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