The Humiliation Wound

If you feel fear of ridicule or of not being accepted, often there is an underlying fear of humiliation.

This wound is formed when we are humiliated as children, and this sits with us in our shame bucket as it accumulates and takes over our natural responses to everyday things.

Sometimes these things could be as little and as simple as what we wear, how we choose to wear our hair, down to the smallest handwritten signature and fear of how things will be perceived.

Whenever we try to do something outside of our comfort zone, or share our light and gifts with the world, we may find ourselves frozen at the thought of what other people might think, or of the fear of all of the bad things they could possibly say.

It isn't a fear of being accepted or of being wrong, but a fear and a feeling that we are wrong, and there is always something wrong with us.

Public humiliation is the worst because it's a public display of much of a failure you are, or how unworthy you are.

If this resonates, there might be a humiliation wound somewhere deep within.

Being able to clear this enables an individual to feel safe within themselves, able to share their voice more freely, and able to act on those desires. Instead of a fear of being shunned, it becomes an excitement and eagerness to share and be celebrated.

You can clear this wound by digging back to memories where you felt humiliated as a child, and rewriting those memories. In this process, you may finally feel like you are able to breathe through the whole body again, with a weight being lifted; finally able to feel accepted for who we are and knowing we are safe to just be ourselves. Such a relief!

Stay special,

Steph Mac x

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