The Power of Forgiveness

Bitter, discontent, anger and rage.


Guilt and shame.

All of the things.

All of the heavy emotions that are still trapped inside our bodies and hearts because we have not yet forgiven for what has happened to us.

Because these people don't deserve it.

Because it wasn't ever our fault that these things happened.

Because we did nothing wrong.

Because we are not to blame.

I understand. These people may not deserve to be forgiven -

But you do deserve to be freed from these negative emotions you are carrying and projecting onto every new relationship, friend and situation.

You can create a new story.

Living from a space of fear is a burden. You are worth more than someone carrying bags of rocks on your back.

Forgiveness must happen in your own time and it will feel hard - but you will finally be able to move forward.

We love when people move forward - closer to who they are truly becoming.

All my love,

Steph x

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