Trust the timing of your life

As I sit here in anticipation and in reflection of what has been, I open up space for all that is yet to come: the experiences and life moments that I have no idea about - the ones that will unfold at the designated hour in time.

It's perfectly okay to be where you are at.

You might only have half wings.

You might only have 10% of the vision.

You might still be following crumbs.

It's okay to not yet know.

It's more than okay to sit in silence, and sit in chaos, and sit in the void - it's all okay to sit, regardless of the place you are.

Where you are is okay. It doesn't have to be the end result or the end goal - but you are on a pathway to the result. You are on a pathway to the goal. You are on a pathway of self-discovery. And how beautiful is that?

We do not need to know. We already are the embodied maps of who we are yet to become. We are safe to let this go, and let ourselves rest. We don't need everything figured out.



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