Winter tips for self-care

Caring for ourselves means that we can show up to our lives fully.

When we commit and decide that we are worth showing up for, it creates a feeling of self-appreciation and self-trust - because we follow through with our commitment to ourselves, and also - we learn what it feels like to be respected and loved completely: setting the standard for all of the other relationships in our lives.

We don't accept crumbs from potential partners because we see ourselves as worthy, and secondly, because we fill our own cup and don't rely on anyone else to fill our needs.

This makes a woman a very high value woman - because she doesn't rely on external things and people to make her happy. She is not a beggar for love, but a place where she can sit and be herself and meet her needs.

Winter can be a little more difficult on the self-care spectrum side of things, with a lack of Vitamin D, nature time and socialising, we can become frustrated more easily.

Here are some easy tips for caring for ourselves during the winter months:

1: Wrap yourself in a heavy blanket to provide a level of containment, safety, and protection. Doing so helps us to exalt our own inner masculine aspect, helping us to feel loved and cared for.

2: Leave a daily reminder in your phone. It could be anything from "You are beautiful" to "You did great today despite how you are feeling right now." Tell yourself all the things you've wanted to hear from others - because you can, and you don't need external validation or someone to say something for it to be true.

3: Appreciate the seasons and the time of rest. There is a cycle for everything, and just as the leaves fall, so too, do we experience an inner winter. Instead of looking at the snow and rain as dreary and horrid, appreciate what it's giving you.

4: Healing the mother wound: Not being too hard on yourself means you can work on changing the inner voice of criticism, to an inner voice of love. Catch yourself every time you say something nasty. Question it, "where is this coming from? and what do I need?"

5: Moisturiser. Our skin tends to be drier in the colder months. Having a set routine will help you to feel stable and more grounded in life, and give you another way to show up for yourself and commit to your needs.

6: Self hugs: Taking two minutes to give yourself a hug while you're lying in the couch or lying in bed, will provide you with a feeling of being taken care of. Let yourself feel the love from your heart, and enjoy it! This love is always available to you.

7: Leave a note on your mirror. "You are enough." - Because you are.

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