Women using intuition in business

Sadly, due to the patriarchal systems that have fed our belief systems for many years, the thought of using intuition when it comes to business is frowned upon, especially for women/wahine.

Imagine trying to explain to your boss why you decided to do a certain thing, all because your gut told you to. The fear in that is immense; the fear of being ridiculed, frowned upon, laughed at - and this fear runs very deep, perhaps through past lifetimes, through ancestral traumas, and the mother wound of not being worthy and capable of being a powerful woman.

But actually, how awful for your boss to not create that safe space where it is safe for you to listen to yourself and trust yourself.

How awful that today's world and systems are praising logic over creativity, and choosing the brain rather than allowing space for intuition to be cultivated.

In truth, your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you have at your side, and deciding to not listen to it, can cause several problems down the track. You can shut yourself off, lose self-belief and confidence, and lose the ability to trust yourself.

And when it comes to business, trusting yourself is one of the major keys.

There is a part of you that knows, that has all of the answers, and this requires trust.

As a woman in a corporate working environment, you are allowed to use your intuition and tap into it to cultivate more of your inner knowing. It is your power force and your magic, and it will help you to gain vision, insight, knowing and emotional guidance.

"But I don't want them to have my magic and power."

"I'm only paid $20 an hour and they don't deserve my intuition."

"I don't want to share my intuition to help them and their business to profit. I'm in it for myself."

And these are all very valid points.

You know things and you don't know why, you have gut feelings about things that you can't explain. BUT the best and most successful businesses operate with intuition at the forefront.

"Intuition is knowing without knowing how you know. ... By developing and trusting your intuition, you can transform the way you run your business, find the simple solutions to your problems and accelerate your decision making. Those who rely on intuition make more profitable decisions than those who do not."

The question then becomes,

1: How can you use your intuition to make your job easier for yourself?

2: What aspects of your intuition can you cultivate to make your work life more enjoyable?

3: How can you be a leader in using intuition and gut feelings in the environment you work in?

4: How can you respond from a place of power when others ridicule your decision making?

5: How can your intuition guide you towards the place where you really want to be?

And most importantly, asking yourself:

  1. What if using my intuition actually helps someone?

  2. What if using my intuition in business makes it more enjoyable for me, and for others around me?

  3. What if my inner knowing is being cultivated for this next step in my life?

  4. What if my purpose right now is to assist the TRUE and REAL things that are important to me?

Build that self-awareness.

Your intuition is powerful.

Claim who you are. Call your power back, powerful one.

You got this.

Stay wild,

Steph x

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