Client Testimonials

"I knew from the moment I saw Steph that she was going to change my life.  Her energy, her purity, her protection - have made me feel like the safest woman on earth.  Being in a demanding role as CEO, I actually feel as though I have found myself again, what I love, what I care about and what matters to me. I am forever grateful for the months I spent working with Steph. Thank you again."

"It took me 3 months to work up the courage to message Steph. I'd been dealing with some inner child stuff and she did a womb healing on me, clearing my anxiety. We went deep, to the root."

"Steph is so much more than a Life Coach. I initially engaged with her to support me through a work situation. The outcome has been so much more, I gained the confidence within myself to secure a new job, but more importantly, I am discovering my true self. Steph guides me through with her gentle, authentic, and intuitive approach, however challenges me when needed, to believe in myself and the journey I am travelling. I would recommend Steph wholeheartedly and know I have connected with a special person wanting to make a huge difference in this world."

"I had a wonderful session, thank you. Very open and safe and a great space to gain clarity on some issues I am processing."

"Steph and I had an amazing session, she is a beautiful guide who is truly open and aware, she connects so genuinely, I'm so grateful . This is the first time I have ever done something like this, it was transformative for me. The process of walking, talking out and feeling enabled me to actually take a moment and realize so, so much."

"I feel so much more heard, understood and hopeful of a better future mentally after speaking to you. Thank you so much."

"Thank you for all your support, and support in me believing in myself and gaining SELF WORTH. Thank you for supporting me on my journey, allowing me the space and time to believe in myself and truly feel worthy."

"I have valued Steph's authenticity, guidance and gentle approach as she supported me through a life coaching journey. Life is so fluid, a rollercoaster, yet I believe we all have the answers within, sometimes we just need some guidance and support to find our own way."

"I made more progress with you in 20 minutes than I ever did seeing my psychologist."